About Us

Way of the Sacred Feminine is a women’s collective founded in 2017 by a group of women passionate about developing and anchoring a new feminine way of leadership, honouring all that the sacred feminine represents. Values such as collaboration, connection, conscious communication, compassion, and self-responsibility are at the heart of this inspiring body of work.

There is no hierarchy such as that of the traditional patriarchal structures currently dominating the way of leadership in our world today.  Rather, we sit together, as a collective of equals, held by the divine feminine principles of a compassionate heart and a willingness to listen and interact in an open, respectful and loving manner.  These feminine principles are our foundations for loving connection and inspiring leadership.

Our commitment to creating a new model of sacred feminine leadership is at the core of all we do and that is why you won’t find an organisational structure or company behind us.  Although we come together as a collective, each Way of the Sacred Feminine Facilitator takes full responsibility for being her own ‘enterprise’ while collaborating as a dynamic team.  

Way of the Sacred Feminine offers an intensive personal journey.  The programme begins with the Journey of Self course (focused on personal development and self-empowerment), flowing seamlessly into the Loving Hearts Leadership course.  The whole programme (made up of both the 22 and the 8 week courses) combines to complete this new paradigm leadership model.