Adie is a gentle soul and an experiential life long learner on her journey of self.

She was inspired by her maternal grandfather’s advice given when she was eight years old, “Every day is a gift to learn about yourself”.

Adie's stories and songs weave experiences that remind us how we can

choose to share, care and respectfully move forward from where we are in life.

She lovingly observes her daughter guiding two grandsons in this process.


The leaders who have inspired Adie are like Heidi Mardon, whom she worked with in “The Enviroschools’ Programme” expansion, and New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Adern.  They are people who walk their talk and are genuinely open to evolving their process as teachers and learners with the shared goals of a more collaborative and loving world.

Music is Adie's joyous expression and Waka ama encompasses the physical, cultural and spiritual elements that match her wholistic nature.  Adie is eclectic, philosophical and practical with a wide kete (basket) of training and skills available for different occasions. These are offered joyfully to people sharing her path to accepting inner power and the unique light she knows we can all shine forth.