A spiritual seeker from the beginning, Claire has grasped every opportunity to learn from love, life, motherhood, humour and joy, as well as from many great leaders.  Claire's background in Eurythmy gives her a vibrant co-creative relationship with the force of life itself. 


Those who have inspired her the most are individuals who have risen to face challenges with courage, serenity and effective action.  These are the ones whose vision can unite others, uplifting, and enabling them to reach their own highest ideals and achievements.  Examples include St Joan of Arc, Esther Hicks (Abraham) and Oprah Winfrey. 


Claire appreciates the worth of each unique individual and values their contribution.  She has been guided, trained, schooled and honed.  She takes action to move beyond her own personal limitations, and enjoys an active leadership role in this awakening of the wisdom of sacred feminine to benefit our future.