Dana is a passionate woman who walks the creative side of life. She has enjoyed living varying lifestyles (from the city to living communally in the countryside) and held many job roles (secretarial, goat farm, healing practitioner). Despite this, the common thread through all these experiences has been the inner-work and spiritual journey.

With humble beginnings as a rebirther, experienced emotional group work facilitator, working with energetic modalities, and personally with mantra and nada yoga, she capably holds space for other’s unfoldment.

Tantric by nature (as in she enjoys to work with her own embodiment through dance and sound) Dana holds a candle for woman in the world to embody their highest, capable selves to create a life of magic and wonder from the heart.

A believer in the beauty of life and the Shakti that moves through all of us, Dana looks forward to facilitating a divinely held Constellation for women to share and grow.