Fabijenna is Love. Her highest expression and her deepest aspiration is loving-kindness and compassion. She actively meets herself as much as she is able in order to shed any layers over this light and truth of her being.
It is her heart's desire to share what is serving in this process with others in the pursuit of integrating Consciousness into human existence, deepen peace, compassion, kindness and generosity.

Fabijenna loves people and longs to expand her capacity for ecstasy and joy. She is willing to brave fully feeling and welcoming any stored or congested energy that slows this process. Her heroes are Jeshua, Mother Teresa, Ghandhi, and every human being who reveals their true Self.

From their inspiration, she draws strength to be authentic, vulnerable, honest and strong. It is her great desire to be of true service in each being expressing their true joy and complete prosperity. Love wins!