Journey of Self

Journey of Self is the foundation course for the Way of the Sacred Feminine Programme.  It is a pre-requisite for the Loving Hearts Leadership course.

The Journey of Self course embodies all that the sacred feminine offers... it invites you to step into a stronger, clearer and more empowered version of you.

Women who have completed this course have experienced:

  • more confidence and clarity in speaking their truth

  • a greater connection with their authentic self

  • re-discovering their hidden or repressed shining light

  • being inspired to transform themselves in the most magical and beautiful way

  • the divine feminine rising within, in a potent and empowered way

  • a beautiful connection with the Way of the Sacred Feminine sisterhood

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Some of the facts and details

Journey of Self is a 22 week online course.  You will meet every week for an Inspiration Call lasting 75 minutes.

You will journey with 10 other like-minded women, including your facilitator who has been trained as a Way of the Sacred Feminine facilitator.

Each week you will receive a topic of exploration which will take you on a journey deeper into your authentic and expansive self.  You will each share your ‘discovery’ on the weekly Inspiration Call, co-creating a dynamic environment in which to heal, grow and transform.  Each Inspiration Topic aligns with one of the seven major chakras, taking you on a journey from the Base to the Crown.

Example of a weekly Inspiration Topic enquiry

Self-Empowerment – Healthy Boundaries
Solar Plexus Chakra

  • This week you are invited to explore the following self-enquiry……

  • Is it easy or difficult for your to say ‘no’ and have strong, clear boundaries?

  • What awareness do you have around when  you say ‘yes’ to others and in doing so, say ‘no’ to yourself?

  • Are there certain people (possibly family members) or any archtypes you can identify that you find challenging to say ‘no’ to?

  • How do you set healthy boundaries for yourself around others?

  • How do you react when your boundaries are not respected?

Let’s talk about what you will invest:-

  • 75 minutes for an online call each week for 2 semesters of 11 weeks - 22 weeks in total

  • 30 minutes+ for a 'touching hearts' call with one other participant each week

Take a look at our PDF flyer to find out more
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Course Fees
We have a unique SLIDING SCALE STRUCTURE to make WOTSF courses as widely accessible to as many women as possible. We ALSO recognise that facilitators need to receive payment for their wonderful work. 

Sliding Scale Structure for each 11 week semester
Women choose the fee level that works:
** In NZD this is between NZ$290 to full price of NZ$623 
** In USD this is between US$207 to full price of US$444
** In AUD this is between AU$268 to full price AU$576
** In EURO this is €171 to full price €367

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- Payment in instalments is available.

- One full scholarship per course available - please apply by email to
Most women pay the full fee, however some may pay a lesser amount according to their finances.  This is the way of the sacred feminine!!!

Take the first step on your path to self-empowerment by gifting yourself this life-enhancing opportunity.

YES sisters, it is time to rise; to find our truth and have the courage to balance the feminine and masculine within.

Way of the Sacred Feminine is the gateway to wholeness and deep, unconditional self-love; leading to clearer, more conscious, harmonious, joyous relationships.

Imagine the joy of being unashamedly, delightfully, authentically YOU!

Say ‘YES’ to Journey of Self and begin your journey home to the real YOU!

Blessings Sisters, blessings!

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