Kanita J is a cosmic weaver of divine frequencies, helping to raise self-awareness and consciousness evolution. She carries a wise understanding and conscious way of living according to the divine mysteries of life. Leading by example, Kanita is in awe of life and all it has to offer!  

Kanita’s greatest passion is to guide the willing and courageous toward deeper and more profound experiences of Love and Life. She has witnessed that by embracing our vulnerability and compassionate heart, we Will rise into more loving states of being, and be shown and discover for ourselves the Answers, which unlock our greatest potentials.

Kanita’s artistry is in building a bridge between realities and the many possibilities. From an enriched background of an indigenous woman of Aotearoa / New Zealand, 25 years in the corporate world, and expanded life experiences of dream-state missions, Kanita is so blessed and honoured to be called here to co-create with You and the Divine team, this extraordinary journey we call Life!