Loving Hearts Leadership

The Loving Hearts Leadership course is for initiates from the ‘A journey of Self’ course who are feeling inspired to take this empowering and transformational work out into the world. This may be by taking the skills learned into an arena you are currently engaged in or by becoming a Way of the Sacred Feminine facilitator.


It may also be simply by presenting the most confident, authentic, loving and empowered version of yourself to the world, inspiring others as you go about your daily life.


Loving Hearts Leadership honours the most sacred feminine principles by actively demonstrating compassionate, open-hearted collaboration, conscious communication, respect, contribution, divine flow and inspired co-creation.


It is important to note that A Journey of Self course includes significant foundation content as a pre-requisite for Loving Hearts Leadership course.


Women who have completed this course have experienced…


  • a greater appreciation of their strengths

  • a loving acceptance of their challenges and vulnerabilities

       and a commitment to move beyond them

  • being heard, seen, celebrated and supported in a safe environment

  • an increased ability to communicate lovingly and authentically

  • a greater understanding of conflict resolution

  • a genuine desire to step into a leadership role and demonstrate their mastery

  • a calling to be an instrument of change for the divine feminine rising

Red love heart on hearts

Some of the facts and details

Loving Hearts Leadership is an 8 week online course. You will meet every week for an Inspiration Call lasting 75 minutes.


You will journey with 10 other like-minded women, including your facilitator who has been trained as a Way of the Sacred Feminine facilitator.


Each week you will receive a topic of exploration with supporting resources of videos, meditations and/or reading material to immerse yourself in during the week. You will each share your ‘discovery’ on the weekly Inspiration Call and, as the course progresses, you will practice the skills you have learned.


Each Inspiration Call is over-lit by a deity whose qualities align with and reinforce the subject matter.

Example of a weekly Inspiration Topic enquiry

Conscious Communication


Sisters, you are invited to share an experience where you have personally helped someone through a challenging time.

  • How did you communicate?

  • Did you employ any of the 5 listening practices mentioned above?

  • What were your techniques for creating a comfortable environment for the other person to feel safe respected, heard and able to share?

Let’s talk about what you will invest….


  • 75 minutes for an online call each week

  • 30 minutes+ for a ‘touching hearts call’ each week

  • a gratitude exchange of NZ$888

  • a payment option of 4 instalments

  • a completion certificate when all work has been submitted and approved

Take a look at our PDF flyer to find out more

This is your opportunity to confidently shine your light for all the world to see.


Be the change you wish to see in the world.


Become one of the way-showers for a paradigm shift into sacred feminine leadership


Inspire and support others to express their full potential as an empowered, authentic woman.


We love you and it is a privilege and honour to support you in shining your light more brightly.

Blessings Sisters, blessings!

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