Monique loves to support change makers to step up and to express their own

heart-felt message in their greatest way. Monique is also a passionate

entrepreneur and global business mentor, as she feels giving and receiving need to be in balance to make companies thrive. She’s truly passionate about helping her clients to grow and scale their businesses, so they touch more lives and make a bigger difference, together.


Monique calls the whole world her home and she loves to connect amazing leaders from around the globe in her communities.  Her greatest inspiration are the universe and her own higher self. She is also inspired by many sages and leaders like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Nelson Mandela and Oprah Winfrey.


Monique jokingly calls herself the ‘latina in a German body’ as she enjoys dancing and making her own rules. In short, Monique is a big lover of life, and of people expressing themselves fully and making a greater positive impact.