Nell is love and wants to embrace being fully present while maintaining harmony.

Nell offers deliverance from unhealthy states, and in order to execute this purpose, she uses her uniqueness with deep listening, being able to hold vulnerable spaces and offering healing when requested.  This is done through her craniosacral work, massage and her knowledge of healing plants, arousing curiosity about life and combining it with innate wisdom.


Her soul purpose is to empower all beings she is in connection with, so they can experience their own calmness of grace.


Her greatest teacher is Source and herself as they are one and the same. Some of her greatest learnings have come from deep inner journeys. 

Nell is always willing to facilitate others that are on their journey of experiencing a higher consciousness. This is achieved with kindness, willingness to explore, and being able to hold space for difficult questions and experiences,  done with a non-judgemental attitude, all the while having firm boundaries.  All these attributes define the martial way.  Here lies one of Nell's many passions and she trains regularly in ShinKyokushin Karate.

She is the image of feminine strength.

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