Sarah has walked through many worlds in this life journey, enabling her to offer the gift of love, light, healing and compassion. As a lover of life in all its many colours she bows in recognition to each unique being standing in her or his divine light. As a comprehensive natural health practitioner, yoga and drama teacher it is forever a humbling privilege for Sarah to share her knowledge with those from all ages and walks of life. Through workshops, in clinic, and teaching both within community and to inmates within prison walls, she does so with an open heart and a great sense of joy and laughter.

To hold the sacred space and shine the light, whilst gently guiding each woman to step fully into herself, self empowered, embracing the essence of her inner being. is the vision Sarah holds as a fellow sistar and facilitator of the Way of the Sacred Feminine. With the biggest of smiles, a glistening heart and arms wide open she welcomes you onto this path, your path!